Thirty	Years	Hundred	Stories:	Engineering	Accomplishments	in	Singapore	as	Told	by	the	NTI	Pioneer	Engineering	Class	of	85

Thirty Years Hundred Stories: Engineering Accomplishments in Singapore as Told by the NTI Pioneer Engineering Class of 85

by Liu Fook Thim

Engineers play a vital role in nation building. Since independence, they have been driving Singapore's efforts in industrialisation. Their vision, creativity and resilience gave Singapore a competitive edge, enabling a meteoric rise from Third World to First in one generation. Going forward, the government wants to make Singapore a Smart Nation a nation where people live meaningful and fulfilled lives, enabled seamlessly by technology, offering exciting opportunities for all. Engineers are vital in making this happen. This book captures 100 stories of engineering accomplishments in Singapore over a span of 30 years as told by the Nanyang Technological Institute (now known as NTU) Pioneer Engineering Class of 85. They demonstrate the breadth and depth of the engineering landscape in our nation. If this book inspires some to take up an engineering career, it will have achieved its purpose.

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Preliminary pages
0. Built Environment; 1. The New Frontier Underground; 2. Housing a Nation; 3. Condominiums; 4. Road Network; 5. Expressway Bridges; 6. Rail Network; 7. Rail Structures; 8. Rail Tunnels; 9. Changi Airport; 10. Incinerators; 11. Offshore Landfill; 12. Singapores Energy Sector; 13. Electricity; 14. Water; 15. Gas Utility; 16. Sports Hub Construction; 17. Sports Hub Facilities Management; 18. Yacht Club; 19. Marina Bay Sands; 20. Sentosa Express
21. The Singapore Army; 22. Republic of Singapore Air Force; 23. Republic of Singapore Navy; 24. Telecommunications; 25. Satellite Communications; 26. IT Software industry; 27. IT Software Products; 28. IT Integrated Enterprise Systems; 29. IT E-government Services; 30. IT Banking Industry; 31. IT Computer Aided Design; 32. IT Computer Aided Engineering; 33. IT E-Learning; 34. Automation Services; 35. Supply Chain Management; 36. Reverse Logistics; 37. Repair Services; 38. Product Development; 39. Testing Services; 40. Project Management Services; 41. Quality Management Systems; 42. Professional Engineering Services; 43. Demolition Services; 44. Skylight and Curtain Wall; 45. Warehouse; 46. Cleanrooms; 47. Air-Conditioning Services; 48. Air-Conditioning Sea Water Cooling; 49. Building Services; 50. Building Services Underground Facilities; 51. Building Services Building Protection; 52. Plant Engineering; 53. Facilities Management; 54. Car Park Services; 55. Pollution Control; 56. Engineers in Research
57. Semiconductor Assembly; 58. Semiconductor Testing; 59. Semiconductor Product Engineering; 60. Semiconductor Packaging Engineering; 61. Semiconductor Contract Manufacturing; 62. Printed Circuit Boards; 63. Flex Circuits; 64. Hard Disk Drives; 65. Hard Disk Drives Motors; 66. Consumer Electronics Calculators; 67. Consumer Electronics Keyboards; 68. Consumer Electronics Computers; 69. Consumer Electronics Printers; 70. Consumer Electronics Audio Products; 71. Consumer Electronics Soundcards; 72. Consumer Electronics MP3 Players; 73. Consumer Electronics Pagers; 74. Consumer Electronics Mobile Phones; 75. Consumer Electronics Optical Storage; 76. Electronics Contract Manufacturing; 77. Photonics; 78. Smartcards; 79. Near Field Communications; 80. Satellites Earth Observation; 81. Nanotechnology; 82. Mechanical Components; 83. Hydraulics; 84. Precision Engineering Bearings; 85. Precision Engineering Gears; 86. Precision Engineering Connectors; 87. Weapons Design Artillery; 88. Weapons Design Rifles; 89. Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing; 90. Printing Industry; 91. Life Sciences Industry; 92. Petrochemical Industry; 93. Aerospace Industry; 94. Marine Industry; 95. Ballast Water
96. Technopreneurship; 97. Engineers versus Scientists; 98. Engineering Landscape in Singapore; 99. The Challenges Ahead

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  • Number of Pages : 218
  • Publisher : Nanyang Technological University/ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute
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About Author

Liu Fook Thim

Liu Fook Thim is one of the pioneer graduates of the NTI class of 85. He is the chairman of the book committee.