To Catch a Killer: Enter the mind of a murderer and you may never get out

To Catch a Killer: Enter the mind of a murderer and you may never get out

by Emma Kavanagh

'A thrill a minute - I loved it!' Clare Mackintosh NO ONE KNOWS THE MIND OF A KILLER LIKE EMMA KAVANAGH. I've been watching you DS Alice Parr. I saw you trying to save the poor young woman you found in the park. The woman I tried to kill. I've been waiting for you to find her family. To find someone who cares about her. But you can't can you? You've never had a case like this. I know everything about you. You know nothing about me. Even though I'm the man you're looking for. And you will never catch me... 'To Catch A Killer is one of my favourite books of the year. The intricate, clever story is told well, and the characters are brilliantly drawn.' Rachel Abbott 'Fast-moving. Unexpected twists. Punchy writing. This author has teeth! A perfect thriller for winter nights!' Jane Corry 'A real white-knuckle ride of a thriller that packs a big emotional punch. This is top class crime writing.' Tammy Cohen 'Wow. Whether you like fast-paced thrillers or in-depth (spot-on) character-led mysteries, you're going to love To Catch a Killer by Emma Kavanagh. LOVED it.' Caz Frear 'This transatlantic thriller has elements of Bourne and Lee Child while remaining true to its British police procedural roots. Beautifully written, expertly paced and highly entertaining.' Sinead Crowley 'Pacy, emotional and a cracking read!' Jane Isaac 'A darkly brilliant tale of psychological manipulation, which I was entirely hooked by, from page one. Bravo, Emma!' Kate Rhoades 'I absolutely loved it. I was completely hooked from the start, it was a stunning read. Plus the ending blew me away.' Rebecca Bradley 'To Catch a Killer is a pacy cat-and-mouse thriller with real depth and a protagonist I want to go for a drink with. A brilliant character-driven story perfect for anyone who adores a twisting, turning read. I loved it.' Amanda Jennings

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  • Binding : Paperback / softback
  • Number of Pages : 416
  • Publisher : Orion (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd )
  • Weight : 286g
  • Product Code : 9781409174981
  • Dimension : 196 x 128 x 34 mm

About Author

Emma Kavanagh

Emma was born in Wales in 1978 and currently lives in South Wales with her husband and their one year old son. She trained as a psychologist and after leaving university, started her own business as a psychology consultant, specialising in human performance in extreme situations. For seven years she provided training and consultation for police forces and NATO and military personnel throughout the UK and Europe. For more information, tweet Emma @EmmaLK