Trolls Graphic Novel Volume 2: Put Your Hair in the Air

Trolls Graphic Novel Volume 2: Put Your Hair in the Air

by Dave Scheidt, Dave Scheidt

The Trolls go on a road trip. But will the Snack Pack find treasure or trouble? All-new stories based on the hit DreamWorks animated film.The Snack Pack is back! This all-new adventure takes hug time on the road, as the Troll friends head out in search of a rumored lost Troll treasure. Of course, they have plenty of time for hugs, snacks, and lots of scrapbooking along the way...if they can avoid the dangers that live out in the woods around Troll Town. At Poppy's urging, Branch goes along to act as a guide, but soon the Snack Pack gets lost and has to rely on some new friends to get them back on the treasure!

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Product Details

  • Binding : Paperback
  • Number of Pages : 64
  • Publisher : Papercutz
  • Publication Date : 2017-09-05
  • Weight : 181g
  • Product Code : 9781629917184
  • Dimension : 224 x 152 x 5 mm

About Author

Dave Scheidt

DAVE SCHEIDT is a radical dude from Chicago, Illinois. When he's not writing comic books he enjoys eating pizza. He is often mistaken for the elusive Sasquatch. He is the writer and co-creator of Spooky Sleepover, a collection of all ages horror stories as well as the creator of Minimum Wage Mummy. He is a regular contributor to Aw Yeah Comics and has written Adventure Time for Boom! Studios.