Unicorn Magic: Sparklesplash Meets the Mermaids: Series 1 Book 4

Unicorn Magic: Sparklesplash Meets the Mermaids: Series 1 Book 4

by Daisy Meadows

A secret world full of magic, unicorns and friendship! The brand-new series from the bestselling Daisy Meadows, author of RAINBOW MAGIC and MAGIC ANIMAL FRIENDS, and the most-borrowed children's author in UK libraries. Sparklesplash's special magic ensures there's enough water for all of Enchanted Valley. But when the evil unicorn Selena steals her locket, a terrible drought hits the kingdom! Aisha, Emily and Sparklesplash must work with the mermaids to help the rivers flow freely once more.

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Product Details

  • Binding : Paperback / softback
  • Number of Pages : 112
  • Publisher : Orchard Books
  • Publication Date : 2019-08-08 00:00:00
  • Weight : 98g
  • Product Code : 9781408356982
  • Dimension : 196 x 124 x 9 mm

About Author

Daisy Meadows

The Rainbow Magic and Unicorn Magic books are written by a small collective of authors under the name Daisy Meadows. Rainbow Magic is the no.1 bestselling series for children aged 5 and up with over 40 million copies sold worldwide! Learn more about the books at orchardseriesbooks.co.uk, where you can find your Rainbow Magic fairy and discover a new series to enjoy.