Urbanization	in	Southeast	Asia:	Issues	and	Impacts

Urbanization in Southeast Asia: Issues and Impacts

by Yap Kioe Sheng

Urbanization occurs in tandem with development. Countries in Southeast Asia need to build — individually and collectively — the capacity of their cities and towns to promote economic growth and development, to make urban development more sustainable, to mitigate and adapt to climate change, and to ensure that all groups in society share in the development. This book is a result of a series of regional discussions by experts and practitioners involved in the urban development and planning of their countries. It highlights urbanization issues that have implications for regional — including ASEAN — cooperation, and provides practical recommendations for policymakers. It is a first step towards assisting governments in the region to take advantage of existing collaborative partnerships to address the urban transformation that Southeast Asia is experiencing today.

“Urbanization in Southeast Asia: Issues and Impacts is a landmark study on the increasingly urbanized condition of Southeast Asia. It is important because it presents a powerful argument for the role of regional action in developing policy and practical responses to the challenges of urbanization. Thus it offers important lessons for other parts of the world. This study, written by expert authors from within the region, outlines the challenges of urban sustainability, liveability and economic growth that Southeast Asia faces in the 21st century. Thus it provides a valuable roadmap for all concerned with the future of urbanization in Southeast Asia.”

—Professor Terry McGee
Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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Preliminary pages
1. The Challenges of Promoting Productive, Inclusive and Sustainable Urbanization
2. ASEAN Transport Policy, Infrastructure Development and Trade Facilitation
3. Competitive Cities and Urban Economic Development in Southeast Asia
4. Public-Private Partnerships and Urban Infrastructure Development in Southeast Asia
5. Regional Cooperation and the Changing Urban Landscape of Southeast Asia
6. Addressing Urban Poverty in ASEAN: Diversity of Conditions and Responses, Unity of Purpose
7. The HDB Community: A Work in Progress
8. Rural-Urban and Intra-Urban Linkages in Southeast Asia: Old Field, New Dynamics
9. Climate Change and Southeast Asian Urbanization: Mitigation and Adaptation Considerations
10. Urban Green Spaces and Liveability in Southeast Asia
11. Decentralized Waste Water Management for the Waste Water Revolution in Urban Areas to Support the Engines of Development in Southeast Asia
12. Decentralization and Good Urban Governance in Southeast Asia: Focus on the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand
13. Contexts and Challenges in Engaging Local Governments for Sustainable Urban Development in Southeast Asia
14. Governance and Accountability in Southeast Asian Cities
15. Promoting an Integrated Approach to Urbanization in ASEAN Countries

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About Author

Yap Kioe Sheng

Yap Kioe Sheng retired from UNESCAP in Bangkok in June 2009. Before his retirement, he was Chief, Social Protection and Social Justice Section at UNESCAP, and in charge of the Centre for the Alleviation of Poverty through Secondary Crops (CAPSA) in Bogor, Indonesia. He is currently Honorary Professor at the Cardiff School of City and Regional Planning, Cardiff University.