Values At The Core: How Human Values Contribute To The Rise Of Nations

Values At The Core: How Human Values Contribute To The Rise Of Nations

by Chin Hwee Tan and Thomas Grandjean

In this book, we explore how the combination of human values and policies affects national economic outcomes. We focus on certain key values conducive to growth: are people of a given nation, on average, hardworking, thrifty? Do they trust each other? Are they risk-takers? The harder people work, the higher the growth potential. Different savings patterns determine, to a large extent, whether a country will grow through investments and exports or consumption, and have generated large global imbalances over time. Trust goes a long way in explaining wealth and income inequalities and the role that governments can play in minimizing those inequalities. Economies with highly risk-averse citizens will stall. We also identify policies which have the greatest impact on economies. Political stability, much more so than any form of governance, is a precondition for growth. Free markets imply a process of creative destruction, free and fair competition, and a level playing field among companies. An educated workforce is a vital enabler of higher productivity and innovation. Corruption can seriously derail growth once it becomes endemic. Sound fiscal and monetary policies stabilize an economy as it goes through cycles and can greatly contribute to a more equal society and a more robust financial sector.

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  • Number of Pages : 224
  • Publisher : World Scientific Publishing
  • Publication Date : 2021-02-02
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About Author

Chin Hwee Tan and Thomas Grandjean

Chin Hwee Tan is the Asia-Pacific CEO of a global Fortune 25 company and was previously the founding Asia partner of the top 3 largest alternative investors in the world. He is part of the special Taskforce appointed by the Prime Minister's Office to reconfigure Singapore's economy, and sits on various private and public boards and committees including the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Chin Hwee co-wrote best-selling Asian Financial Statement Analysis= Detecting Financial Irregularities, which was published in English and Chinese, and does pro bono cases for a dozen regulators globally. He is a chartered financial analyst and a chartered accountant, and, as president of CFA Singapore, fought the battle to have the words or the benefit of society included into the charter. Doing social work since his university days with his wife, he enjoys spending time with his three children.