War On Weight

War On Weight

by Victor Ong

The fight against excess body weight has never been more urgent. Recent scientific and clinical advances have deepened our understanding of obesity and the terrible effects it has on people. In virtually all the medical spheres of cancer, aging, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes mellitus and obstructive sleep apnoea, obesity is now recognised to be a major risk factor. Men and women across the globe try different ways to achieve their ideal weight but fail miserably. This is simply because they cannot keep up with the fitness regime or cannot resist consuming "comfort" foods and drinks. Ironically, these measures are not absolutely necessary for lifelong weight control. Clearly, today's two billion overweight and obese people in the world must tell us something - the failure of current weight control practices to treat the obesity pandemic. In War on Weight, Dr Victor YC Ong, a medical scientist, presents to readers a new paradigm for lifelong ideal weight - the Tri-phasic Lifestyle Regiment (TLR). He details in this groundbreaking book, how TLR can lead people to achieve real, effective lifelong solutions for their weight problems - underweight, overweight. obese and morbidly obese.

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  • Number of Pages : 232
  • Publisher : Armour Publishing
  • Publication Date : 2007-12-06
  • Weight : 290g
  • Product Code : 9789814138949
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About Author

Victor Ong

Dr Victor YC Ong is a medical scientist who invented NutrafemTM and the discoverer of phytoandrogens and supra-hormonal lipidic augmenter. He was also an early pioneer in the directed drug treatment of genetic disease (partial androgen insensitivity syndrome). Prior to his current work, Dr Ong was the Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology with the Faculty of Medicine, Monash University. He has authored various research and review papers in medical journals and books. Dr Ong obtained his Honours in Biotechnology from Murdoch University, Western Australia and his Doctorate (PhD) in Genetics & Pharmacology, with a NUS research scholarship, from the National University of Singapore (Faculty of Medicine). In addition, Dr Ong holds the Australian Government-recognised Research Supervisor Level 1 Accreditation from Monash University (Monash Research Graduate School) to teach and supervise research students enrolled in Doctorate and Masters degree programmes.