Wisdom-Based Business: Applying Biblical Principles and Evidence-Based Research for a Purposeful and Profitable Business

Wisdom-Based Business: Applying Biblical Principles and Evidence-Based Research for a Purposeful and Profitable Business

by Hannah J. Stolze, C. William Pollard

Make Your Business Purposeful and Profitable At its best, business is both purposeful and profitable, dynamic and gainful, commercial and rewarding. Far from being opposites, good business and good behavior go hand-in-hand, and biblical principles can align with best practices. In Wisdom-Based Business, marketing and supply-chain professor Hannah J. Stolze draws principles from the Bible's wisdom literature and from evidence-based research to create a framework for business that is oriented toward excellence and sustainability. This book addresses import issues such as: The virtue of profit Servant leadership Wisdom-based values, such as long-term over short-term, stakeholders, and quality Beneficial outcomes of wisdom-based business, including reputation and comparative advantage The ultimate outcome of eternal impact Intended for business students and working professionals alike, Wisdom-Based Business demonstrates how to pursue profitability to the honor and glory of God. Unique among Christian books on business, it helps readers make the right decisions in business by presenting: Biblical Principles. Drawing upon the Bible's wisdom literature, each topic addressed is undergirded by insights from Scripture. Evidence-Based Research. Recommendations are thoroughly grounded in the best and latest research in the field. Case Studies: Each chapter demonstrates how the principles can be lived out in the real world, amid the inevitable challenges and competition all business confronts. Any Christian who works in the marketplace or is training to work in the marketplace will benefit from Wisdom-Based Business' practical guidance on how to reflect Christian values in their corporate tasks and strategies--and on how those values can be not hindrances but keys to success.

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About Author

Hannah J. Stolze

Hannah J. Stolze (PhD in Business Administration, University of Tennessee; MA, Wheaton College) is associate professor of marketing and supply chain management at Wheaton College. A former member of the U.S. Army, where she served as an import specialist, Stolze has for the past ten years researched more than 40 companies in the areas of global supply chain management and social and environmental sustainability.