Wistech Kn95 Mask

Wistech Kn95 Mask

HSA Registered Class A Medical Device HSA License No: ES0501184

MEDICAL GRADE FACE MASK helps prevent dust, bacteria and dangerous diseases through inhalation effectively.
Model: KN95
Classification: Standard: GB2626-2006 EN14683:2019
Technical Description:
BFE ≥ 95%
Thin & light multi-layer design
Substantial breathing area
Flexible & Foldable Design
Adjustable for secure fit
Comfortable ear loop
Highly compatible with other protective equipment
FDA & CE approved
Made in China

Directions of use:
Place the medical KN95 face mask against the chin
Secure ear loop around each ear
Gently place your fingers in the middle of the nose clip
Press nose clip inward according to the shape of the nose
Discard appropriately after use
Difference between N95 and KN95?
N95 and KN95 are both tested for the same filter performance. KN95 has a more stringent test in other areas
The KN95 MASK is equivalent to N95 MASK and both have particle filtration efficiency more than 95%. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says KN95 masks are as effective as N95 masks and are one of the many "suitable substitutes" for N95 masks that are "in short supply". According to 3M, the world's largest mask maker.

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Product Details

  • Publisher : Wistech
  • Weight : 100g
  • Product Code : 8881300247522
  • Dimension : 170*125*70 mm