Working	with	Nature	against	Poverty:	Development,	Resources	and	the	Environment	in	Eastern	Indonesia

Working with Nature against Poverty: Development, Resources and the Environment in Eastern Indonesia

by Budy P Resosudarmo

With its low incomes, lagging social indicators and widespread poverty, eastern Indonesia epitomizes the problems of development in Indonesia. The challenge is to advance the economy. But this means more intensive use of natural resources, placing pressure on the region's unique ecosystems.
This book explores the trade-offs and synergies between development, social concerns and the environment in Papua, Maluku and East Nusa Tenggara. It is written by leading scholars and experts on the region. They investigate the dilemmas of fishing in eastern Indonesia's seas, the strategies and challenges for mining and forestry, and the efforts to tackle biodiversity conservation and climate change. The book lays out the challenges for development, public administration and public health in Papua. It maps Maluku's road to recovery from conflict. And it examines ways to alleviate poverty in the desperately poor province of East Nusa Tenggara. The book provides an overview of the economy of each of these provinces, making it an essential resource for anyone interested in the challenges of development and environment in eastern Indonesia.



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Preliminary pages
1. Development, Resources and Environment in Eastern Indonesia
2. Papua I: Challenges of Economic Development in an Era of Political and Economic Change
3. Papua II: Challenges for Public Administration and Economic Policy under Special Autonomy
4. A Note on Socio-economic Development in Maluku
5. Socio-economic Conditions and Poverty Alleviation in East Nusa Tenggara
6. Balancing Biodiversity Conservation and Development in Eastern Indonesia
7. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Corporate Strategy at the Freeport Mine in Papua, 20012006
8. Illegal Fishing in the Arafura Sea
9. Searching for a Livelihood: The Dilemma of Small-boat Fishermen in Eastern Indonesia
10. Forest Management and Conflict: The Case of the Rendani Protection Forest in Papua
11. Climate Change and Development in Eastern Indonesia
12. Maluku: The Long Road to Recovery
13. Improving the Livelihoods of the Poor: Challenges and Lessons from East Nusa Tenggara
14. How Far Is Papua from Achieving the Goals of Healthy Indonesia 2010?

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About Author

Budy P Resosudarmo

Budy P. Resosudarmo is Fellow at the Arndt-Corden Division of Economics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.