Y No Hakobune #1

Y No Hakobune #1

by Seimaru Amagi,Eichi Tsuwabuki

Kazuma, a young man who has lost all his memories, finds himself in a strange room with five other youngsters when he wakes u. In these rooms, riddles spring up one after another, demanding they be solved within a given time limit— or face certain death! In this mental game of survival, what will be their fate?

A hyperdimensional suspense thriller that will challenge your limits !!

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Product Details

  • Number of Pages : 192
  • Publisher : Shogakukan Asia
  • Weight : 180g
  • Product Code : 9789811460012
  • Dimension : 190.5 X 127 X 190.5 mm

About Author

Seimaru Amagi,Eichi Tsuwabuki

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