Ymym Wide Head Toothbrush (blue)

Ymym Wide Head Toothbrush (blue)

DR.BEI YMYM Wide Head Toothbrush

The innovative wide head design makes brushing more efficient

Wide head design benefit more bristles tufting to cover both rows of teeth, time-saving and efficient in cleaning teeth.

Tufting in separate squares Bye to central food debris

Bristles are commonly tufted in a whole plane.

Food debris is easily blocked inside of bristles and hard to be removed. Bacteria thrive as time goes. DR. BEI tufts bristles in separate squares between which are some paths to drainage food debris. Therefore, bacteria lose the breeding home.

The 2nd generation of technology
Have hydrophobic gaps
Easily drainage food debris The 1st generation of technology No hydrophobic gaps Easily backlog food debris

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Product Details

  • Publisher : Wistech
  • Weight : 23g
  • Product Code : 6970763913227
  • Dimension : 19x19x190 mm
  • Youngest Recommended Age : na
  • Oldest Recommended Age : na